GI Odyssey

GI Odyssey

They say, in Fourteen ninety-two,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue:
Well, we did all that, and more,
Way back in nineteen forty-four.

“Twas first to England that we went,
(The girls said we were heaven sent);
It wasn’t ours to reason why,
But to drink the pubs of Bridport dry.

And so, for three brief weeks so short,
We enjoyed drinking and other sport;
And when that town’s population’s counted,
I think they’ll find that it was mounted.
Next came Belgium; the war was real,
Something we all could see and feel;
We froze and sweated, from cold and fear,
And learned to live with death so near.

So six months passed slowly by,
And in that time we learned just why;
It’s true what Sherman said so well,
We were all agreed - “War is hell”.

When V-E day arrived in May,
The sounds of battle died away;
But we all know the jobs not done, The jap’s must fall ‘ere victory’s won.

Come what may, be it fight or not,
I know we’ll give it all we’ve got;
“Always Forward”, we shall prevail,
The 99th Recon will not fail.

T/5 James H “Junior” Frame