Our Hitch In Hell

I'm sitting here and thinking of the things I left behind,
And I have to put on paper what is running through my mind.
We've dug a million ditches and cleared ten miles of ground.
A meaner place this side of Hell is waiting to be found.
But there's one small consolation...gather closely while I tell,
When we die we'll go to Heaven, for we've done our hitch in Hell.

We've built a hundred kitchens for the cooks to stew our beans.
We've stood a million guard mounts and we've never acted mean.
We've washed a million mess kits and peeled a million spuds.
We've rolled a million blank rolls and washed the Captain's duds.
The number of parades we've stood is very hard to tell,
But we'll not parade in Heaven, for we've done our hitch in Hell.

We've killed a million rats and bugs that crawled out of our eats.
We've pulled a million centipedes from our dirty sheets.
We've marched a million miles and made a million camps.
The grub we've had to eat at times has given us the cramps.
But when our work on earth is done, our friends behind will tell,
"They surely went to Heaven, for they did their hitch in Hell".

When final Taps is sounded and we've layed aside life's cares,
We'll do our last parade upon those shining Golden Stairs.
The Angels all will welcome us and harps will start to play.
We'll draw a million canteen checks and spend them all one day.
The Great Commanding General will smile on us and tell,
"Take a front seat soldiers, you've done your hitch in Hell".

By Pfc. Paul Adamek