Although the future of our troop seems vague and uncomforting. I prophecy that:
1. Those of us who are forced to visit the CBI will build a loot-display room after the war rather than have the house cluttered up all the time.
2. Most of us will wish we had bugles to accompany the flag-raising 4F’ers who besiege us with admiration and stories of how they volunteered but were not as lucky as we.
3. When we get home, we will all absorb the honor banquets and there will not be too many serious “GI affects”.
4. Our activities in battles will soon be exaggerated to the offspring.
5. Some souvenirs will be hard to explain as such.
6. A few of us will carry tissue paper even as civilians.
7. Our appetite for potatoes will eventually return.
8. We will be sure to immediately stock our iceboxes with Spam, K rations, lemonade and Army Sunday cold cuts.
9. It will take us a long while to forget our German vocabulary.
10. We need not worry too much about those enticing frauleins because we are all experienced combat men.
11. Our troops will not suffer any casualties from the darts of frauleins which Cupid has furnished them in abundance, although no doubt all of us will have been near casualties before we hit the USA.
12. Those short whistles we will unconsciously produce when we see a “cutie” will be hard to explain to our wives.
13. Our wives will think we are beasts for the first few days we are home, but they have a way of taming lions, you know. Naturally, I can see them gradually nursing us back to civilized manners - can’t you?
14. Since we have been artists at destruction, we will do our best to prove we are also artists at reproduction.
15. The last and probably truest prophecy for each individual is that we would all make better, happier civilians than soldiers and, the sooner the chance for the experiment, the better. Amen.