GI Talkin' Blues


If you want to get to Heaven, Iíll tell you how to do it
Just grease your feet in a bit of mud and suet,
And slip right out of the devilís hands
And slide on into the Promised Land
Go easy, slick and greasy. Yeah man, count it off.

I was standing last night with all ease
Standing there by the mantlepiece,
Looked over my head and seen a bucket of grease
Greased my feet with a little axle grease,
Went slippiní up Ďn down that mantlepiece
Picking up cigarette butts, chawing tobacco, cognac,
Schnaps, sergeantís ceegars, matches, iron crosses, passes,
Yeah man.

I was out last night in my sedan
I got stopped by a hold-up man
That man sure did make me swear
He took evírything but my underwear,
I felt embarrassed.
Went home in a barrel, in a half-track, in a shelter half
In a poncho, in a box car (8 horses 40 men)
In a C-47 on a weekend pass, - Yeah man.

I was down in the barnyard the other night
Acted the fool, didnít take no light,
Scrambled around got ahold of a goose
White man said you better turn him loose,
Started runniní, jumped gullies, dodging bullets,
Screaminí mimis, box cars, K rations, 10 in 1's, broken glass,
Yeah man.

I was down in the barnyard on my knees
Thought I heard a chicken sneeze,
Only the rooster saying his prayers
Talkiní to the hens, and the hens are upstairs,
Rooster taking up collection
Hens paying off in the hay
Haben du beier, schnapps, pistolles, camera, waffens,- Yeah man.

Whatís the use me workiní so hard
When I got a woman in the white folks yard,
She kills the chicken, saves me the head
She thinks Iím working when Iím laying in bed
With other women.
Talkiní about it in my foxhole
Dreamin about it in my sleeping bag
Worrying about it on guard - Yeah man.

By T/5 Dempsey H Hollars